[ubuntu] Windows & Ubuntu dual boot e.g. Aurora R8

Posted by Jarxi on 2020-02-08

Learned from the Medium post

  1. Set RAID ON to AHCI, then reinstall windows (without reinstall, windows is not going to boot. Without AHCI, ubuntu is unable to find windows
    system. Grub will not be able to boot windows)
  2. Install Ubuntu 18.4.02 to avoid ubuntu freeze problem of 18.4.04
  3. Choose to install alongside Windows
  4. After install, when boot into grub menu, press e
  5. Find the line that says quiet splash. Right after that, add nomodeset and then press F10 to boot. (nomodeset means do not load
    graphic cards with the current boot)
  6. After boot into ubuntu, install Software & Updates -> Additional driver -> Nvidia graphics card.
  7. Restart

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