[RBG] The thoughts after RBG's death

Posted by Jarxi on 2020-09-19

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The System

I lost the faith in democracy after Trump got elected, yet RBG managed to completely change the status quo of women in the short 50 years, which is made possible by the system.

The legislation system is far superior than what I think it is.

The Person

Be a lady and be independent.

Be a lady means don’t be angry. Be independent means be able to defend yourself when its needed. 常常将愤怒当做维护自己的一种方式,然而这几年认识到愤怒只是维护时的一种状态,然而这种状态达不到目的。理智温和考虑周全的回应才应是最有力的。考虑周全的回应takes time to prepare.

A quiet magnet
Don’t be quiet when it matters the most.

Refuse to step down to allow Obama to appoint another Judge
Legislation system shouldn’t be political.

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