[Book] Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur

Posted by Jarxi on 2019-10-28

Never forget why you’re really doing what you’re doing. Are you helping people? Are they happy? Are you happy? Are you profitable? Isn’t that enough?

To Learn

Start small if you have an idea
Human touches: a company can be big and cool at the same time.
Delegate and verify: delegate tasks to your employees and check they are done on the right time through right ways

And Not to Learn

Don’t Keep the company small, but keep the company small to build solid base, then grow. If Derek sells the business a few years later, he gets nothing because CDs are eliminated.
A diverse product line is necessary.


The biggest takeaway is executing the idea right away with no funds or supports. A little book worth reading again a few years later.

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