[Amazon] How to update brand name

Posted by Jarxi on 2021-03-02

How to update brand name

  1. Click “Help” on right upper corner at Amazon Seller Central
  2. Click “Get Support” under “Need more help?”
  3. Click “Selling on Amazon” -> “Or, browse for your issue in the menu” -> “Your Account” -> “Other account issues”
  4. Describe your issue and hit continue
  5. Enter ASIN
  6. Ask Amazon to Call you
  7. Upload your updated package to the new created case under “Case Log”. The package should only contain the SKU, not both UPC and SKU
  8. Go to “Inventory” -> “Inventory Reports” and select “Categirt Listings Report”
  9. Download the report and only change the brand name to the one you want
  10. Go to “Inventory” -> “Add Products via Uploads”
  11. Select “Upload your Inventory File” -> “Inventory Files for Specific Categories”
  12. Upload the changed file
  13. Wait for results in “Monitor Upload Status”

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